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Scribbler Write-Off 1st place

Ella Boomershine

"Krrrraig" Kathryn Napierkowski

Didn’t they tell you?

I used to be you

Trapped in conformity

Blinded by posters that deceive

I know you’ve been warned

The photoshopped models

Have overtaken your world

They shaved off your eyebrows

And filled them instead

They cut the fat from your stomach

Because boys only love women

With small waists, but not that small

And large hips, but not like yours

They teach you to be jealous

Instead of kind

If you’re kind, you’re sweet

But clearly telling lies

They’ll sell you make-up until your real face is gone

But you’re still not beautiful

Not like her

Not like them

The contradictions are endless

And the people are petty

Because God knows the way you are

Will never be pretty

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