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The sunny day

Haley VanScoyoc

"Mid-Day Sunshine"

Tonai Thisakhone

The sun felt warm on my skin as it shone through the windows. It felt like it was going to be a good day, maybe even a good week. I decided to go and turn on the news. I was hoping the rest of this week would be warm and sunny. I would love to go on one of my walks in the sun again.

After an hour of sitting and watching the news, I decided to find something more interesting to watch. As I went to change the channel, a missing child alert came up. The little girl was beautiful. She had soft, shiny, brown hair, smooth pale skin, beautiful big blue eyes, and a smile as bright and warm as the sun. 

Then it showed the child’s mother and family outside their home. I went up to the warm window and looked out. Their house was across the street from mine. There were news vans, reporters, police, and a crowd of strangers gathered together listening and watching. I couldn’t go on a walk with all those people outside my house.

The reporters and crowd of strangers left after several hours. I thought they’d never leave. I decided to go back to watching the news. Just people talking about politics, good deeds, and whatever else they felt like.

I heard a faint scream. My heart sank to my stomach. I bolted to the window to see if anyone was outside, but all I saw was the mother of that beautiful little girl. They almost looked exactly alike. The mother came running and stumbling out of their home, sobbing. The hopeless expression she had on her face was unforgettable. She collapsed on her knees on the warm pavement, and I just watched, confused. I couldn’t imagine what she felt. I turned to the television. They said that the little girl had been found. 

I could go on another one of my walks in sun. And as for that beautiful little girl . . . her skin felt so warm just like the sun. I knew all too well that she was no beautiful little girl anymore. If only I could go back and feel her warm skin once more.

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