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The witch of avalos

Amelia House
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Livy Crandall

Deep in the forest of Avalos, buried behind mountains of trees and flowers, a small ground squirrel runs across moss-covered logs. Slipping in and out of holes and twisting on the dirt paths, he makes his way to the large tree in the heart of the forest.


He comes to a halt at the base of the tree and stares up at its looming limbs and vibrant seafoam leaves. Startled by an eagle’s call, he skitters into a tree’s hollowed-out entrance. As he runs, the squirrel’s head bangs upon a large, hollow, metal object. It reminds him of a cauldron from the mage’s tower.


“Oh you poor critter,” a haunting voice chimes. Two hands reach down and scoop him up, swallowing his body in warmth. 


As he comes to, he is greeted by a young girl’s face. She eyes the critter, purple eyes running over him, sending shivers down his spine.


“You’re not a critter at all, are you?”


She watches the ground squirrel’s eyes light up. With a soft smile, she grabs a powder from the shelves carved into the cove’s wall. With a sprinkle of pink pearl dust, the squirrel sneezes.


“Well?” the young girl ponders.


“Th-thank you! Op-” the squirrel covers his small mouth, shocked by the now resounding voice.


It’s going to take awhile to transform you fully back, Prince, but I’m down for the challenge.”


She gently sets him on a shelf, watching his beady eyes wander over her pale yellow skin and murky blue locks. 


His eyes travel to the shimmering wings tucked behind her back.


“I’m Emra. It’s nice to meet you.”

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