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Therapy session #1

Kaylie Cargill


Olivia Roling

It's always, “Ah! It's Michael Myers” and never “How is Michael Myers?” I was assigned to write down how I feel by my therapist, and well, here I am. People never seem to care about how I'm feeling, but rather think about how I make them feel. It's rather selfish don't you think? I'm just a human after all... I think? I mean, I should have died multiple times in the past, but every time death approaches, I seem to come out completely unscathed.

Anyway, back to my original point. I feel like my feelings aren’t recognized. Yes, I may be a psycho serial killer, and seem like an immortal; I still have feelings! On a real note, we all have flaws — some more prominent than others — and everyone seems to have someone that cares except for me. Again, I know I may have a couple not-so-minor flaws but I still wish people would ask me how I feel y’know?

I'm not asking for pity — that would make me a hypocrite. I've quite literally been featured in news articles because of my merciless murders. I've had nothing but time to think about my actions and to be honest, some of those people might have deserved it. Don't tell any lawyers I wrote that. So yeah, I just wish that instead of some people screaming, “Ah! It's Michael Myers,” that they would, instead, ask, “How is Michael?”

Again, this was an assignment for my therapist. This assignment kind of helped me feel more emotionally accepted;  I think that was the goal.

Until the next entry and session,


Michael Myers 

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